Stamina and Strength Through Cardio Kickboxing

Stamina and Strength Through Cardio Kickboxing

Posted by Leiyaan Alhadi, Guest Writer on Nov 14th 2019

Whether you’re looking to burn last night’s cheesecake, improve your stamina, get your daily sweat in, or just trying to blow off some steam, Cardio Kickboxing is definitely for you. Kickboxing is a growing trend in the fitness world and it’s not going anywhere. While kicking, punching, and mixing different calisthenic exercises (such as burpees, air squats, and mountain climbers), you really get in one of the best total body workouts you could ask for. It continuously pushes your cardiovascular system while simultaneously promoting muscle toning with various exercises that are introduced throughout the routine. For example, a simple “1,2” punch combination consists of a Jab and a Cross, two very simple punches. However, once the technique is introduced, you learn that it takes your entire body to throw those punches correctly. From engaging your core to rotating your hip on your cross, this simple combination turns into a full-body movement that when combined with pace equals a lot of calories burnt. Generally, as you progress, you start to add punches and kicks to the basic combinations you already know, which not only challenges you physically but mentally, as well. Adding on two more punches and introducing two new kicks to your simple “1,2” punch combination requires both increased energy and focus. My favorite part of Cardio Kickboxing is the last ten minutes of the class — I like to call it the burn-out. After you’ve warmed up, gone over your techniques, finished your sets and combinations of punches and kicks, and various body-weight exercises you make it to conditioning. This focuses on strengthening your core, shoulders, and stamina through long intervals of challenging cardiovascular and isokinetic exercises. Generally, this would consist of a minute of crunches, three minutes of push-ups, and multiple intervals of Jab-Cross bicycles, which is throwing Jabs and Cross’s on a heavy bag while running in place. This allows you to truly empty out your tank, push yourself to your limit, and improve your overall stamina over time. If you’re considering adding Cardio Kickboxing to your fitness routine, my advice would be to join a kickboxing class. The camaraderie you get in an environment where everyone is trying to better themselves is like no other, especially with certified professionals who care about you reaching your fitness goals in a fun and safe way. This type of class requires a lot of movement, so make sure you have your best Chaos gear on to help you float like a butterfly and sting like a bee!


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