Sacking Out Hunger – Together

Sacking Out Hunger – Together

Dec 2nd 2019

Coach Spencer and the Penn State defensive line are at it again this holiday season giving to the less fortunate through the 33 sacks they’ve secured this year!

‘Sack out Hunger’ is on a mission to combine turkey donations and proceeds from the Wilddogs apparel line to be of service to the Center County community. For every sack and false start that Penn State gets this season, a turkey is donated directly to the State College Food Bank.

According to a Center Today Report, it’s estimated that 48 percent of community college students and 41 percent of four-year university students are food insecure. This is an epidemic that affects not only college students in State College but the entire Center County community. However, Coach Spencer and his Wilddogs have taken it upon themselves to work with the State College Food Bank to ensure that the needs of their community are met.

Ms.Allyn Beck from SCFB Operations commented, “The Wilddogs have made a large impact on the Food Bank over the past two years with their donations and we are looking forward to their donation this year. Their gift helps us to provide our clients with a whole turkey over the holiday season. With the support of the Wilddogs, we continue to make great strides toward achieving our vision: that one day, no one will go hungry in Center County.”

Without the dedication of the board members and volunteers of the State College Food Bank that selflessly spend their time in service of others, members of the Centre County community would be missing out on the basic human right of food security. Last year alone, over 474,756 pounds of food was distributed to the Center County community, which is the equivalent of 395,630 meals. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, a huge thank you is due to anyone who considers the wellbeing of others before themselves and tries to make a difference this holiday season.


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